OTS 2000 - CTA Banner Rayvel Proudly Introduces the OTS 2000
Universal Automated Optical Test Station



OTS 2000 - Internal
This system fully characterizes the performance of large optical flats, such as TV and computer screens, in a fully automated manner. Numerous safety features were incorporated that prevent damage to the optic during measurement process. A report is generated at the end of the test that provides a map of any defects on the optic and numerous other quantitative data that fully characterizes it. High accuracy servo driven translation stages allow for years of continuous use in a production environment with intuitive user friendly software. Defects as small as 1 micron can be detected (the diameter of human hair is about 100 microns). The system includes a motorized XY stage with dual cameras. One camera inspects for defects. The other camera is used at the operatorís discretion for close up views of the defects.

  and opticís quality. The software is designed to be run by a technician with minimal training. Its modular design allows for adding tests in the future or modification of existing tests. This system is customizable to meet the exacting requirements of related applications, such as photonic crystal generation.
OTS 2000 - 2
OTS 2000 - 3
OTS 2000 - 4
  OTS 2000 - 5  
Used to test and measure large optical flats, such as:
  • Flat screen panels for TV, computers, etc.
  • Holographic Optical Elements
  • Solar panels
Tests all physical and optical properties, including:
  • Reflection and diffraction efficiency
  • Wave front analysis
  • Flatness
  • Defects
Standard configuration includes:
  • XY stage with dual cameras, dual frame grabbers, auto-focus, XY stage driver/controller
  • Image processing software and software to automatically run the test set
  • Objectives, optics mount, and fiber optic illuminator
  • Granite isolation table
  • Computers and monitor
  • NBS traceable power meter and detector
  • Thermally stabilized laser diode
  • Fizeau interferometer with automated pan and tilt

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