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Rayvel Awarded During SBIR & Global Trade Summit

Montville, CT — Rayvel, a Connecticut based corporation specializing in advanced holographics, was honored during the SBIR & Global Trade Summit that took place at the Mohegan Sun Convention Center in Uncasville, CT USA on July 24th - 26th, 2012 for the best presentation during the poster session. More than 50 high technology companies participated in the competition.

The event matches emerging technology companies with federal government agencies and large-cap corporations such as United Technologies, Merck, Honda, BASF, and Boeing. The summit was an eye opening experience for all attendees, comments Joe Ciaudelli, President of Rayvel. Our eyes were opened to the number the opportunities that exist for our products and services. Likewise, we widened many eyes when presenting the power and flexibility of our technology.

Rayvel is a holographic technology company. When I say hologram people immediately think of the Hollywood rendering of projected objects, states Ciaudelli. We do create true 3D images, but we are also applying this science at a nano-technology level to solve problems related to precision measurement, defect detection, vibration analysis, product authenticity, identification verification, optical networking and electro-magnetic signal filtering. Industries that can benefit include semiconductor, telecom, broadcast, defense, alternative energy, as well as any manufacturer or government agency trying to combat counterfeiting and forgery.

One example is Rayvel's OTS 2000 automated optical test station. It fully analyzes optics, holographic optical elements, solar panels, etc. and maps defects as small as 1 micron (approximately 1/100 of the diameter of a human hair). The OTS 2000 was designed and built by Rayvel, from the pencil sketch on a napkin to installation in a Silicon Valley clean room.

Rayvel just received its second patent for their invention of the Narrow Angle Hologram. This technology illuminates a hologram from a perpendicular (rather than an overhead) light source, such as a headlight from an oncoming vehicle. This is used in their HoLocator product, street address numbers that aid visitors or emergency vehicles find a specific house in dark suburban or rural neighborhoods, no battery or other powering required. This technology can also be used for critical angular alignment of objects moving towards each other, such as a space craft trying to dock squarely with the space station.

About Rayvel
Rayvel is a holographic technology company that designs, develops, manufactures, markets and distributes products for industry, government agencies, and consumers to provide functional solutions for imaging, precision measurement, inspection, analysis, filtering, optics, and authenticity verification.

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